Introduction to Scrum Framework

Konkurs za predavača Njemačkog jezika

Agile Coach Milos Zekovic

Miloš Zeković has more than 8 years of experience in the IT industry (more than 6 years in Scrum implementation) and has facilitated many workshops and trainings. He holds several worldwide recognized certificates in Agile/Scrum and has a proven experience in Scrum team coaching. He holds Certified Scrum Professional ® , both Scrum Master and Product Owner, as well as Certified LeSS Practitioner ®  certificates.

Why be Agile or practice Scrum framework?
Modern market has become very dynamic and demanding – business need to deliver high quality products for solving complex needs at rapid pace. Many organisation are struggling to keep up since their product development methods are outdated. New
generation of software development is optimized for change and fast delivery. Many such frameworks are grouped under the Agile umbrella, and Scrum is the most popular among them.

But what is Scrum framework? It introduces many new terms and practices to software development – in both business and development. Shared understanding and vocabulary is the beginning of a good Scrum implementations and a key factor
to succeeding with Agile.
This training will guide you through the Scrum framework, associated concepts and terms. It is highly recommended for software engineers and business people who are involved in software/product development lifecycle. Regardless of whether you
are on a development or a business side, everyone should know the Scrum basics, the most common Agile framework in world. Clients want it, developers enjoy to work according to it, and business needs to respond to changes fast – why don’t you start
with Scrum today?

 Agile vs. Traditional approach
 Introduction of Scrum values, elements and characteristics that are important
for understanding benefits of using Scrum
 Detailed explanation of Scrum Roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner and
Development Team)
 Detailed explanation of Scrum ceremonies with discussion on characteristics
of sprint planning, sprint review, sprint retrospective and daily scrum meeting
 Detailed explanation of Scrum artefacts such as Product Backlog, Sprint
Backlog and Burndown Charts. Additionally, terms Definition of Done and
Definition of Ready are discussed
 Various exercises to practice Scrum during the training

Date: 20.10.2018.
Information and aplication:
Trainer: Miloš Zeković (
Participation fee: 290 BAM